Roof Rack Accessories


Can I use your accessories on other racks?

Yes, in most instances.  The majority of the accessories we have are designed with a flat back or bottom, so they can lay on or up to most any surface.  The attachment of the accessory is designed to work with the T-Slot system on the K9 Rack, and the spacing of those T-Slots.  Some are adjustable, and some can have the side attachment removed for attachment to another type of rack or surface.  All can somehow be used on racks other than the K9 System.

Do your can holders fit the Scepter fuel cans?

Unfortunately not.  They are designed and manufactured in South Africa.  Scepter cans were never available on that side of the planet in large volumes. So only the standard NATO spec metal cans will fit.

What are the accessories made of?

Depending on the accessory, it could be made of either cast aluminum, stainless steel, or a combination of these metals.  All are powder coated black.

Is it possible to securely strap just one jerry can into the two can holder, or does it only work with two cans at a time?

One can in the K9 Dual Jerry Can Holder is very difficult.  Two can is optimal, and they hold each other up.  We have a single can holder available as well.

Do your Jerry Can Holders have a way to be locked?

Yes!  There is a latch at the top of both the single and double Jerry Can Holders for a small padlock.

Will the K9 Alu-Box Mount work with Zarges cases?

The Alu-Box and Zarges cases are very similar in design, but I am not sure they share measurements. The cases that the K9 mount fits all share a 23" measurement across the base. The lip around the base of the case that the mount clamps onto measures 5/8"H x 5/16"W. We don't have any personal experience with the Zarges cases to tell you if they would fit or not.