G-Clamp Roof Rack Mounting Set

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G-Clamp Roof Rack Mounting Set

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G-Clamp Roof Rack Mounting Bracket Set

One of the biggest constraints to having an awning on your vehicle is that you need a fairly robust roof rack for mounting. Well, that's not true any more! 

Eezi-Awn has created a foot adapter that can attach a K9 Roof Rack to your OEM rack system.

  • The clamp at the bottom of the foot has a front face shaped similarly to most factory roof rack rails.
  • The rear of the clamp has three depth settings to allow for a variety of rack thicknesses.
  • The top horizontal surface provide a perfect attachment point for the K9 roof rack platform. 

Please note that OEM rack weight limitations do apply.

This set includes a pair of aluminum extrusion clamps, two sets are often needed. We are happy to help determine the best suggestion for your vehicle and needs.

  • Adjustable to Match Your OEM Rack Width
Item #1451
Dimensions 5-1/4" H x 3-1/4" W | 135mm H x 85mm W
Item K9-161

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