Kariba Explorer Single Burner Hot Shower System

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Kariba Explorer Single Burner Hot Shower System

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The Kariba Explorer Single Burner Hot Shower System is the most versatile all-in-one camping gas appliance. Compact and lightweight, the Explorer provides hot water for showers.

This compact and light weight appliance features a micro fine flame controller to adjust the shower water temperature to a desirable level. The Explorer can raise ambient water temperature by some 65F (18C). A quality Italian “Piezo” flame ignition is fitted including a German engineered submersible pump is supplied as standard. This appliance is designed for small families or limited groups of people who have vehicle space/weight limitations. The Explorer will be appreciated by campers, hikers and adventurers for its compact and light weight design and which incorporates “dual gas” options. Carry it, hang it in a tree or from a roof rack of a car, or place it on a table for use anywhere, any time.

This kit comes complete, requiring only water and gas to function. Please note that if you wish to use a propane tank, such as a Coleman, you will need the Propane Adapter, which does not come with this kit, but can be purchased separately here.

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This gas operated appliance is manually controlled by the operator. No "Eectronic Prevention Sensor Components" are fitted to this product. Therefore, when this appliance is being used in the water heater/shower mode facility, cool water must flow through the heat exchanger at all times whilst the flame from gas burner/s is ignited. As this appliance is powered by gas, and may product scalding hot water if not operated correctly, the manufacturer recommends adult operation only. Minors must be properly supervised. Please read and observe the operating manual including the advice noted.


Does it feature an automatic shut off system? No. The Explorer uses manual control for better reliability.
Must water be flowing through the system? Yes, when the gas burner is ignited, water must flow through the system.
Can this model be connected to a tap? Yes, but only if regulated to 0.5 gallon (2.0L) flow.
Can it be used by large groups showering? Yes, but it requires to cool off in-between use.
Is there a warranty? Yes, our warranty is valid within six months as from date of purchase. Valid in RSA and North America only.


About Kariba

Fifteen years ago, the Kariba team designed the very first camping and outdoor mobile HOT Shower in South Africa. The original Kariba Bush Shower, also known as the Bos Stort, was introduced to campers and 4x4 off-road enthusiasts. A simple but compact gas operated appliance could heat water on demand and double as a shower. Over time technology and global trade changed, and with it, the development of new models were introduced. Today the Kariba team is the world market pioneers of “camping hot water appliances”, leaders and experts in their field of expertise. They continue to strive towards excellence in both products and service, having sold over 7,000 Kariba appliances in Southern Africa alone. Equipt is proud to be the new exclusive US Distributor.

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Push Button Flame Ignition
  • Accepts Standard Garden Hose Couplers
  • Additional Accessories Allow You to Hang from Tree with Hook or Windows with Suction Cup
  • Flow Restrictor
  • Shower Head Fits into Standard Jerry Can
  • Includes Gas Appliance, Water Container / Storage Box, Shower Head with Pump & Instructions
Item #14000
Dimensions 8.25" L x 6" W x 6" H | 210mm L x 150mm W x 150mm H
Weight 4.5 lbs | 2 kg
Material Stainless Steel
Heat Exchanger Galvanized Chassis Coppers Fins & Coils with Flame Resistant Hose
Pump Shower Kit 4.1L 12V DC Submersible Pump
Push Button Flame Ignition Italian "Piezo" Push Button Electronic Generator & Spark Plug
Power Supply 12V DC
Flow 0.9 gal | 3.8 L
Gas Consumption 240/270 grams per hour
Temperature Range 50F to 82F (max) | 10C to 28C (max)
Storage Box Capacity (Doubles as Water Container) 6.5 gal | 25L
Item KE-20LTB

$495 Add to Cart Gear Now!
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