Bagel Thursday (Posted 3.16.2017)

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Bagel Thursday (Posted 3.16.2017)

One of the best parts about working at Equipt is working with Paul. I don't say for Paul because quite simply, he just doesn't roll that way. Anyone who knows him knows he's the guy that gives you the shirt off of his back and somehow manages to politely explain how you could have prevented such a scenario from occurring, to which you instanteously think, "Damn, he's so right. Damn, he's so smart. Damn, he's so nice... damn, I'll never do that again."

As the jefe around here, Paul keeps us in line, but somehow always makes us feel like he's the lucky one to have us. Truth is, while it's honestly the other way around, it's the best feeling. Really. And to make it even better, Paul is someone you desperately want to emulate (for multiple reasons). But for the sake of this story, it's because he's laid back, but hard working, and he always knows how to balance work and play. Hence how Bagel Thursdays became a thing.

Craig and Paul take lunch, without fail, every day at noon. And when I say every day, I mean literally every day. At noon. Not before, not after. Unless Paul is with a customer, I hear him routinely say, "It's time to eat--work can wait." And he's right. He's setting boundaries for himself that keep him fueled for the constant grueling days he puts in. It's admirable and it works.

Craig, our resident handyman, is good friends with the team over at Rich's Bagels--a local bagel shop born and raised in Salt Lake City--and it's safe to say that without them, we'd starve. Now the name on its own probably doesn't conjure up the intensity of feels our team has for this delectable joint, but if we're doing our job right, you will after reading this. So when Craig started bringing in these bagels for Paul, the rest of us got to whining about how we wanted them.

Craig did what made Paul smile. He said, "Sure, but you have to take a break with us to eat them. It's team bonding time and nothing bonds teams more than bagels."

He's not kidding. Asiago bagels are literally what champions are made from.

These tasty treats are smothered in layers of asiago cheese and are hand delivered by Craig to all of us promptly at 10am on Thursday mornings. The simple smell of them perks all of us up, and you can sense the salivation creeping out of everyone's bottom lip the minute the door opens and Craig slings a little brown lunch bag into HQ. We all simultaneously drop what we're doing, take turns on the ol' toaster in our kitchen, pour some hot coffee, and lovingly slather these bad boys with too many layers of rich butter that melts into every nook and cranny. We then proceed to sit around our conference room table and just enjoy each other's company. Same time, same day of the week. And together, we all enjoy the center of the bottom side of the bagel--the one where all the cheese piles into and forms a little ball of mouth watering, tangy and warm Italian cheese. These bagels truly give us all that happy jump in our step to keep killing it.

We do it for Paul, but mostly, if we had to sit in confession... we do it for the bagels.



  • Posted : 3.16.2017

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