Ice Cream Sundae (Posted 3.20.2017)

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Ice Cream Sundae (Posted 3.20.2017)

Paul has a pretty standard outfit: red Equipt hat, white button-up long sleeve shirt, and traditional khakis. Oh, and sandals. Don't forget the sandals--rain, snow, or shine! So when he told me this story the other day, I laughed hard because it was so easy to picture.


I was traveling in South Africa on one of my regular visits to see Jess Stuhler, owner of Eezi-Awn, when his dad, Jack, asked me if I wanted to join him for a mellow cruise around some local trails. Jack is an impressive explorer in his own right and I was more than happy to join a local veteran. We ended up having a killer time! We saw a ton of amazing animals--lions and giraffes and elephants--and truly breathtaking landscapes. It wasn't my first time to Africa, but every time I go, I'm stunned to silence.

As sunset was nearing, I was wandering around to grab something and I stopped dead in my tracks. There in front of me, only a few meters away, was a rhino. A BIG rhino. I couldn't move. I just stared at him as he was staring back at me. The African standoff lasted for what seemed like a century before Jack's voice broke the silence.

"You look like an ice cream sundae, kid."

I tried my best to hold back the tickle in my cheeks, but I couldn't. I let out a heavy, but short breath with a snort. I DID look like a vanilla sundae cone... with a cherry on top to boot! Red hat. White shirt. Khaki pants. The delicious combination any rhino might enjoy!

But luckily for me, rhinos are lactose intolerant or something because after a few more brief moments, he casually found something else to stare at and scare the bejeezus out of.


This isn't a story of heroism or anything Dr. Jones would be proud of, but it's simply hilarious because come on... Paul totally looks like a giant ice cream sundae! ALL the time. Case in point via those photos... so let's enjoy a laugh at Paul's expense and have a great start to our week!

Happy Monday!



  • Posted : 3.20.2017

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