Indel B

Travel Box 51L (TB51) Fridge or Freezer

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Travel Box 51L (TB51) Fridge or Freezer

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The Indel B Travel Box line combines the best electronic technology with the most efficient portable compressor--Danfoss DB35F--within a very well insulated enclosure to create the best value in portable refrigeration on the market today. The Travel Box line offers an energy saving (ECO) function to extend battery life, a turbo (MAX) function to cool things as fast as possible when power is available, multi-function electronic thermostat that allows simple and economic management of the fridge, 12/24V DC or 115/230V AC power capability with automatic switching between voltages, and a 3 -level voltage protection system to protect against draining your battery. All of these high end features are standard on the entire line. Becomes even better when you upgrade and pair this with a National Luna Travel Box Fridge Slide. All Indel B Fridges purchased directly from Equipt come with a (1) year warranty.


The Travel Box Tests With The Best

Overall Score Comparison By Overland Journal (Higher is Better)

  1. National Luna, 24 points
  2. Engel, 20 points
  3. Indel B, 19 points
  4. ARB, 15 points
  5. Whynter, 12 points

"I decided to rank each fridge in a series of tests, giving them a one to five ranking where five is the best. Testing included : Speed & Insulation, Workhorse Cool-Down, Glutton or Miser, Noise, Volume Efficiency, and Weight Efficiency. The Indel B is a portable fridge / freezer run by a Danfoss compressor. Looking at the test data, I would rank this fridge solidly next to the Engel and the ARB. Compressor control is not as good as the National Luna, but is better than the Whynter. The value and performance of this fridge overal makes it a good competitor. " -- Graham Jackson, Technical Editor, Overland Journal (Read The Full Report)


Indel B was born in 1967 as part of a brilliant business insight: the commercial exploitation of the invention of the semi-hermetic compressor for generating cold temperatures in small spaces. The company began by turning out small 12/24V refrigerators which, powered by direct current, could operate while in movement, making them perfect for use on boats and vehicles and during leisure-time activities. The products' enormous flexibility led to an extraordinary achievement; in 1982, Indel B was selected by NASA to create a refrigerator for use aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia. Today, Indel B offers a wide range of products, designed from 2 important starting points: 1) the capacity to respond to the customer’s requests, and 2) the research in creating products with low energy consumption level and environmental sustainability.

  • Digital Thermostat
  • Turbo Mode (When Surplus Power Available)
  • Includes 1 Basket
  • 3-Levels of Voltage Protection
  • Energy Saving Function (ECO)
Item #9115
External Dimensions 23" L x 14" W x 20.5" H | 585mm L x 345mm W x 520mm H
Internal Dimensions (Fridge/Freezer Side) 12" L x 10.5" W x 15" H | 305mm L x 267mm W x 381mm H
Internal Dimensions (Crisper Side) 5" L x 10.5" W x 8.5" H | 127mm L x 267mm W x 216mm H
Volume 10 gallons | 46.5 L
Weight 41 lbs | 18.5 kg
Material Outdoor Grade Plastic
Compressor Danfoss DB35F
Power Supply 12 / 24V DC, 115 - 230V AC
Average Input 50 Watts
Operation Temperature Range 0 to 41 degrees F
Color Two-Tone Grey

$600.00 Add to Cart Gear Now!
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